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Deep Dive: Coffee Edition

This week Josh and I are going to deep dive into a topic we’ve covered on our old podcast, Overrated/Underrated. Our podcast is lovingly called “the show where two exes bicker pointlessly about nothing for a half hour” because, well, that’s what it is. Josh and I have individually documented what it’s like to work on this pod together on my blog, and while we’ve had our ups and downs, it’s a great project for us to do together! 

I thought it might be fun to go a bit deeper into things that we enjoy and feel strongly about since our pod is only a half hour. Once a month, we’re going to pick a topic from the pod and we’re each going to post about something we’d have loved to explore further related to that topic!

This week, we’re diving deep into our opinions on coffee (episode 22, released on March 29, 2020).

As I’ve said on this blog before, I’m not really a “coffee” drinker. I love a good hot or iced latte and am always thrilled when I can have a green tea iced latte, but I recognize that that’s not actually coffee. While I don’t really need to have a latte in the morning to survive, I just enjoy drinking and really like the routine of having something I enjoy every morning (plus, there’s just something about that caffeinated feeling that actually makes you happy to be alive, you know?). Since most at-home coffee makers only make, well, coffee, I assumed that I would never be able to make lattes at home, leaving me very few options. Back when I worked in an office, I used to either make lattes using the company espresso machine or buy them at the local Starbucks or Dunkin’ on my way into the office. 

Enter the Nespresso Machine (with milk frother).

This baby has completely changed my life. We bought my dad the Nespresso Machine for Christmas this past year, and as thrilled as he is to use it, I may love it even more (not hinting at all that it should come with me and Dan when we move out or anything…). Now that I’ve been working from home, I’ve been using the Nespresso Machine every day, and let me tell you, I am living large. I’m beyond thrilled that I’ve been able to make my favorite espresso drinks at home. It is all too simple to wander downstairs in the morning and make myself a nice…no wait, instead of explaining, allow me to regale you with a love note, an ode to my Nespresso Machine.


N is for Nine am when I make my first drink of the day

E is for the Espresso shot I make for my latte

S is for the beautiful Sound of my coffee being made

P is for me wanting to throw my Nespresso Machine a Parade

R is for the Relief I feel — without my coffee, I’d be in trouble

E is for the second shot of Espresso, just make me a double

S is for Seize the day, because my latte allows me to carpe diem

S is for the Sleepless nights I have when I drink caffeine after two pm

O is for Oat Milk because really, who needs dairy?

M is for the Milk Frother that makes foam so light and airy

A is for Appliance. I just love this little bot!

C is for Cold foam, because you don’t always want it hot

H is for that Nespresso latte that just Hits different

I is for Iced lattes, because hot lattes in the summer heat are just irreverent

N is for Nespresso, of course, because they do it right

E is for the Evening Decaf I drink before I say goodnight.

As you can see, I have some very very strong feelings about my Nespresso machine, as strong as a level 10 intensity shot of espresso early on a Monday morning. I’m just so thrilled that I haven’t had to give up drinking lattes just because we’re in lockdown.

As always, this post is not sponsored by Nespresso because they do not know that my blog exists. I do highly recommend the Nespresso machine and milk frother, though. It’s a great way to make excellent coffee drinks at home, and since we don’t know how long we’ll be home for, I say invest in your caffeinating habits!

How is your at-home coffee situation? What’s your regular early-morning beverage?

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