Disney Chaos Renata vs. the Slinky Dog Dash of Doom

I spent the last week of August in Disney thanks to one of my best friends from high school and her family. This trip was actually planned for last year, but with COVID, it was postponed until this year. While Disney has actually always been one of the happiest places on earth™ for me, this time around, there was no denying that I was in … Continue reading Disney Chaos Renata vs. the Slinky Dog Dash of Doom

spongebob pride

Deep Dive: 90s Cartoons

This week Josh and I are going to deep dive into a topic we’ve covered on our podcast, Overrated/Underrated. Our podcast is lovingly called “the show where two exes bicker pointlessly about nothing for a half hour” because, well, that’s what it is. Josh and I have individually documented what it’s like to work on this pod together on my blog, and while we’ve had … Continue reading Deep Dive: 90s Cartoons

halloween candy

Who Even Asked for Candy Corn?!

Halloween (and my dad’s birthday!) is tomorrow, and you know what that means…my house is full of candy that I can’t eat. On the bright side, while Halloween has traditionally been hard for me specifically because of this candy availability, candy hasn’t really been a temptation for me as of late. Between my quest to eat healthier and acid reflux forcing me to eat sweets … Continue reading Who Even Asked for Candy Corn?!

its fall yall

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Not to brag, but I liked fall before it was cool. I’ve always been into fall activities like pumpkin picking and corn mazes. I love the picturesque scene of leaves changing colors. Thanksgiving and Halloween parties are always a great time. In New Jersey, we’re fortunate enough (sometimes) to experience all of the seasons, and after living this way for so long, I don’t think … Continue reading It’s Fall, Y’all!

mixing friend groups at summer parties

Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties

Ah, summer. The time for warm days by the pool, crop tops, and large parties where everyone is forced to mix and mingle no matter how well they get along. Extroverts without anxiety disorders are often confused about my anxiety regarding mixing groups. They figure they can just go up and talk to anyone! They don’t need to be prepared for awkwardness! They just chat … Continue reading Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties