Celebrating Small Victories

Happy New Year, everyone! As someone who is a firm believer in both the power of positive thinking and also in accepting yourself as you are, I am in a constant flux between “New Year, New Me!” and “I’m perfect just the way I am.” This year, I am splitting the difference and striving to celebrate the minor victories that I accomplish. After a lifetime … Continue reading Celebrating Small Victories

Comfort in Movement

This may sound strange, but I’ve always found comfort in motion. I start swaying my friends back and forth during long hugs, I will always choose the stairs over an elevator or escalator, I’d rather add time to my trip if it means I can circumvent stand-still traffic and can keep driving, I never feel more myself than when I’m dancing, and I don’t think … Continue reading Comfort in Movement

Becoming Type B

As is well documented on this blog (as well as on my credit card statements…), I have fairly recently become a regular yoga practitioner. As someone who is inflexible, yoga is beneficial for me because it helps me to stretch out my muscles and slowly gain some flexibility. As an exercise, yoga is great because after a long day of basically doing nothing but sitting … Continue reading Becoming Type B

My Love/Hate Relationship with Routine

From what I’ve heard, when it comes to routine, there are two different kinds of people: people who like routine and people who prefer spontaneity/variety. In Myers-Briggs speak (because you know that I can’t talk about personality without talking about the MBTI), this is P(erceiving) vs J(udging). P’s (like me), lean more towards spontaneity and shy away from routine. J’s have this really annoying tendency … Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Routine