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Deep Dive: Ice Cream – Josh’s Take

It’s a rather busy week, podcast wise, so this may be a shorter dive than usual, though it should still be quite deep.

First things first, though, chocolate peanut-butter swirl is my absolute favorite ice cream. Also, my dad is dead. I know that a lot of you are probably thinking that’s a pretty big bombshell to drop so causally, but if you’ll bear with me, you’ll see how it connects.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a preference for the delectable combination that is chocolate and peanut-butter.  And chocolate peanut-butter swirl is the epitome of that union. To be clear, I don’t mean merely sticking a few peanut-butter cups in chocolate ice cream and calling it a day. No, I’m talking about delicious, creamy, chocolate ice cream with thick ripples of peanut-butter swirled throughout, so much so that you can’t take a single bite without getting an amazing mix of both flavors at once. And the best chocolate peanut-butter swirl I’ve ever had was at this tiny ice cream parlor near where I grew up.

My dad loved ice cream, too, and he and I used to go there, just the two of us, all the time. His frozen confection of choice was a strawberry and banana sundae with vanilla ice cream. I can’t remember how those excursions first started, but they quickly became ritual. We would “sneak away,” and we would just take time to talk, or not talk, whatever we needed.  Sometimes we would discuss things that were weighing on us. Sometimes we would just sit together and decompress. But, either way, we would do it while eating our favorite ice cream.

Then, when I was 19, my dad died. It was rather sudden, and there wasn’t really any time to say goodbye. Long story short, it sucked. At the time, it felt like I lost everything, but now I see that’s not true. My dad may have died, but my memories of him continue to stay with me.

Now, whenever I miss my dad or just need to decompress and think through the pressures and stressors of the day, I simply take a break, have some chocolate peanut-butter swirl ice cream, and imagine the conversation we’d have.

So, there you have it. chocolate peanut-butter swirl is my absolute favorite ice cream. Also, my dad is dead. But thanks to one, I can stay connected to the other.

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