High-Functioning Depression

(TW Depression, Eating Disorder)   Depression can be sneaky. It can creep up on you, especially when you haven’t been deep in the throes of it for a while and you’re so busy that you don’t really notice it. I was coming out of a depressive episode at the beginning of last year, and I got to a reasonably good place. I’m typically a high-functioning … Continue reading High-Functioning Depression

Celebrating Food

(TW Disordered Eating) If you’re a regular here, you know all about my issues with disordered eating. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have some unhealthy thoughts around food, nor can I remember a time when I didn’t obsess about everything that I ate (and subsequently, my weight). With the introduction of Kelsey, my new dietitian, into my life, I’ve been trying to … Continue reading Celebrating Food

Improving My Relationship with My Body

(TW Eating Disorder) As I’m sure anyone with a history of disordered eating can attest, pretty much every moment where food or my body is on my mind at all is a struggle. There’s a constant stream of worry and self-hatred. On the rare occasions that I look in the mirror and don’t absolutely loathe myself, I start searching for imperfections. Hating my body is … Continue reading Improving My Relationship with My Body

Learning to Not Be Goal-Obsessed

We’re constantly bombarded by the message that we need to have goals. We need to strive for success or we’re stagnating. Nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone. Those who have big dreams are those who change the world, after all, and don’t you want to change the world? Especially in a world where everyone has social media and we all have a … Continue reading Learning to Not Be Goal-Obsessed