pug dog on a bed with white sheets cuddled up in a brown blanket

My Relationship with My Bedroom

Sorry in advance if you’re thinking this post is going to be scandalous and dirty — you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Well, okay, it might be a bit dirty, but less in a sexy bedroom way and more in a wow-I-didn’t-realize-that-your-carpet-was-that-color kind of way. My fiancé Dan and I live with my parents in the same house they’ve lived in my entire life, so … Continue reading My Relationship with My Bedroom

Getting Real with Bill: All I Am Is Me

This is a guest post for my “Getting Real” series. On this blog, we provide “pure human content,” and truly get real. I wanted to give other bloggers the opportunity to come on here and get real with me! I am so excited for the opportunity to invite other bloggers to join me and share their life experience and big feels. Interested in sending over … Continue reading Getting Real with Bill: All I Am Is Me