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Deep Dive: Ice Cream

This week Josh and I are going to deep dive into a topic we’ve covered on our old podcast, Overrated/Underrated. Our podcast is lovingly called “the show where two exes bicker pointlessly about nothing for a half hour” because, well, that’s what it is. Josh and I have individually documented what it’s like to work on this pod together on my blog, and while we’ve had our ups and downs, it’s a great project for us to do together!

I thought it might be fun to go a bit deeper into things that we enjoy and feel strongly about since our pod is only a half hour. Once a month, we’re going to pick a topic from the pod and we’re each going to post about something we’d have loved to explore further related to that topic!

This week, we’re diving deep into our opinions on ice cream (episode 11, released on January 12, 2020).

So grab a pint of your favorite frozen treat and join me as I discuss what are obviously the only correct opinions about ice cream.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Vanilla ice cream is by and large pointless. It doesn’t taste good on it’s own, and people are constantly trying to convince me that vanilla ice cream with fudge on it is the same as chocolate ice cream. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A BLATANT LIE. Seriously, McDonalds, do you think I can’t tell when you make my milkshake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup? Where does the deception end?!

Vanilla ice cream is only okay if it is on top of my warm fruit pie or my molten chocolate lava cake. That is the only time that you will hear me ask for a scoop of vanilla. If you hear me asking for it under any other circumstances, something is deeply wrong.

Chocolate ice cream (much like chocolate anything) is very clearly superior and tastier. While I’m not particularly picky about my chocolate ice cream, there is a huge difference between milk chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate ice cream. Just like when eating solid chocolate, dark chocolate is decadent and delicious and milk chocolate is overly-sweet and less flavorful.

And chocolate custard is the best of all of the chocolate ice cream iterations. One of my favorite summer activities is going to a water ice/custard stand, getting a chocolate custard, and enjoying it in the parking lot. Chocolate custard just tastes like summer to me!

Besides those two classics, I like pretty much any flavor of ice cream derived from something I already enjoy. Give me some peanut butter or coconut ice cream anytime. Or Matcha…mmmmm matcha. I don’t really do fruity ice creams, though. As far as flavor profiles go, I’d much prefer “sweet” to “fruity.”


No. Why are these flavorless frozen spheres of nothing a thing? Who’s idea was this? Seriously, I just want to talk…


The ideal ice cream toppings are as follows:

Oreos: because the chocolate cookie part is delicious, especially when added to my chocolate ice cream. Yes, the cookie part, not the creme. I said what I said.

Cookie dough: there’s nothing like having some cookie dough mixed into your ice cream. Especially in chocolate ice cream, since vanilla ice cream is garbage. This is what makes the Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream perfection. It’s all of the joy of licking your baking spoon without the risk of salmonella.

Nutella: the only acceptable syrup-type substance to drizzle on top. I feel like all other syrups are just straight sugar, and adding that to ice cream is just begging for a stomach ache.

Snickers: I don’t necessarily love Snickers bars by themselves, but when added to ice cream, they’re just perfect. The caramel is both hard and chewy at the same time. This could possibly also be the reason why I’ve needed so many cavities filled and a root canal done. Who’s to say?

Marshmallows: I’ve always been a marshmallow girl. A delicious treat whether eaten alone, sandwiched in between some chocolate and graham crackers, or mixed into my ice cream.


I’m one of those people that really likes a good cake cone. And by “good” cake cone, I mean any cake cone because they all taste exactly the same. When I was younger, my mom and I would get boxes of cake cones to enjoy with our ice cream and just end up eating the cones themselves. I’m that person that will get a cake cone on top of my ice cream served in a cup because I don’t want ice cream dripping down my hand, but I still want to have my cake cone. This would be a good time to point out that I always loved communion wafers at church and those satellite wafer candies, a true testament to the fact that taste for me is 90% texture.

Plus, for me, the main part of an ice cream cone is the ice cream. I don’t want my ice cream being upstaged by an overly sweet or overly flavorful cone. I enjoy waffle cones, but they’re just so decadent that I can’t always finish all of my ice cream if I’m also eating a waffle cone. Same with other fancy cones like the cookie cone or the pretzel cone — let my ice cream be the star! Keep your fancy cones and just give me all of the chocolate custard you have.

My Favorites:

  • Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked
  • Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food
  • Cold Stone Creamery Chocolate Cake Batter Ice Cream with Marshmallows
  • Cold Stone Creamery Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Custard Blizzard with Snickers and Cookie Dough
  • Matcha Mochi

I hope that you didn’t read this post so fast that it gave you brain freeze! What are some of your favorite frozen treats?

Look out for Josh’s post on Saturday where he will share his (probably wrong) opinions about ice cream!

Photography by my talented fiancé. You can find him on Instagram at


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15 thoughts on “Deep Dive: Ice Cream

  1. I’ve worked at an ice cream shop for 10 years—it was my first job in high school and I just never left—so I feel like I also have some strong opinions when it comes to ice cream haha. I agree about the fact you can’t put fudge on vanilla and call it chocolate ice cream. (We do make milkshakes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and we call them “black and whites”.) I do like vanilla, though. I can’t eat just plain chocolate ice cream; something has to be in it, like the Ben & Jerrys Half Baked, which is amazing, or like peanut butter cups.

    We offer three types of cones: cake cone (the flat bottom cone), sugar cones (the pointy ones), and waffle cones (which everyone knows what they are). My favorite are sugar cones. And you’re not alone in getting your cone tipped over into a cup. Tons of people get it, especially when it’s hot out. I hate having ice cream dripping down my hand, too haha.

    My go-to is anything mint based, so mint chocolate chip or a mint Oreo. I also like peanut butter Oreo; so really anything with chocolate chips or Oreos is for me haha. But every once in a while a good vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles is just what you need.

    How do you feel about sprinkles? 1) What do you call them? 2) Do rainbow and chocolate sprinkles taste the same?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Becky! So Sorry that I’m just responding now! Thank you for sharing your input…our ice cream choices say so much about who we are.

      I totally forgot that sugar cones were a thing! I like those as well, but it’s been so long since I’ve had one. Maybe I need to get re-acquainted with them…

      So I have mixed feelings about sprinkles. I do believe that the rainbow and chocolate taste different. Normally I call the chocolate ones “sprinkles” and the rainbow ones “jimmies.” Fun fact: one of my mom’s pet peeves is when they put chocolate sprinkles in the rainbow ones! LOL

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmmmm cookie dough! Have you ever been to one of those places that legit just sells you cookie dough that’s safe to eat? It’s like heaven!

      I don’t understand the love of vanilla, but at least if we shared a carton with both chocolate and vanilla, we would be each have our own flavor! We are very compatible ice cream buddies 🙂


      1. Haha, my little sister do that. Whenever there’s an ice cream with both chocolate and vanilla. I give her my chocolate and she gives me her vanilla.

        I have been to those cookie dough places. So yummy. And as someone who will eat cookie dough whether it’s safe or not, it’s nice to eat it without the dear of salmonella.

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