Blogiversary 2020: I Get By with a Ton of Help from My Friends

So, here’s a bit of a background glimpse for you all. This post has been sitting in my drafts, half-written since last August. I just couldn’t fully finish it and wasn’t sure what milestone to mark with it. Now that my second Blogiversary is upon us, I can’t think of a better time to talk about my super supportive community. Your support, help, and encouragement … Continue reading Blogiversary 2020: I Get By with a Ton of Help from My Friends


Bridled Passion

I am a very passionate person. And by passionate, I don’t mean someone that falls in love desperately and quickly with no regard for my own self or wellbeing. On second thought, I actually do that, but that’s not exactly what I meant. When I say “passionate,” I mean that I throw myself into things. When I find something that I want to do, I … Continue reading Bridled Passion

coffee beans

Deep Dive: Coffee – Josh’s Take

I often like to joke that, “I like my women like my coffee: tepid, bitter, and likely to give me heartburn.” And, while this line invariably amuses my friends (while having a solid 0% success rate as a pick-up line) it actually isn’t terribly far from my true feelings towards coffee. That is to say, I honestly don’t care what it tastes like, just give … Continue reading Deep Dive: Coffee – Josh’s Take