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Unapologetic Oversharing, Self-Awareness, & Buffalo Sauce – OUT NOW!

You like books, right?

How about non-self-help self-help books that help you become more self-aware and create the life you want using that self-awareness?


What about a book that has fun worksheets to help you apply what you learned in the previous section?

Still no?

Okay, fine…a book where there’s a bunch of embarrassing stories and revelations about me?

Now you want it, right? Yeah, I thought so.

If you do want to snag a copy, you have a few options!

  1. Request that your local bookstore carries it (My personal recommendation!)
  2. Get a paperback copy through Amazon KPD (in case you want to snuggle it at night)
  3. Get it on Amazon Kindle (so you don’t have to dogear your pages when you put it down)
  4. Fingers crossed you can eventually find this beauty elsewhere!

Alternatively, you could just go back to the blog that started it all…