three artificial carrots on a blue plate all on a pink background

Having a Ridiculously Small Appetite

TW: Disordered eating, emetophobia I have a fun fact for you all: I have, like, the smallest appetite ever. Now, before you start telling me that “you wish you had that problem,” let me tell you: you don’t. Imagine, if you will, a plate with your favorite meal. You eat about a third of your plate, and you’re comfortably full. You stare at the plate … Continue reading Having a Ridiculously Small Appetite

jake peralta from brooklyn 99 looking upset with bird feathers flying around

Schemes! Schemes! Schemes!

When Dan and I watch Brooklyn 99 (which we do rather frequently), I am reminded each episode that I am a combination of Amy, Jake, and Hitchcock. For those who don’t know, Hitchcock is a pervert who sexually harasses everyone. Amy is a type-A uptight personality who seeks validation from superiors. And Jake, dear, sweet Jake, is a well-meaning goofball who is always getting everyone … Continue reading Schemes! Schemes! Schemes!