cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Sunday Scribblings – #116 Avocado

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Every Wednesday, blogging buddy Aaron over at The Confusing Middle posts a “Sunday Scribblings” prompt for other bloggers to ponder and respond to on the following Sunday. If you’re a blogger looking for more inspiration, I highly recommend jumping in and joining in on the fun!

This week’s prompt is: Avocado!

Before I dive into this post, I just want to give you a SPOILER ALERT…for a movie that came out back in 2009, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

While I am a huge fan of animated movies (although I struggle to watch movies in general), I didn’t actually see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs until years after it had come out, during one break when I was home from college. I was flipping through channels, and I just happened to decide to put it on. In case you haven’t seen the masterpiece that is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, it’s about an amateur scientist named Flint Lockwood who invents a machine that turns water into food. You have to understand — this is in the town of Swallow Falls, a town whose main export is sardines (and they’re stuck eating all of their sardines because the rest of the world has realized that sardines are super gross). So when the machine gets shot into the atmosphere and it starts raining food, everyone is thrilled and begging Flint to have it rain their favorites. Of course, towards the end of the movie, the machine starts raining giant, genetically-modified foods and Flint needs to shut it off and save the day. It has a stellar cast, and some amazing writing with several jokes that would go right over kids’ heads.

I watched it for a while, laughing at all of the clever jokes. That is, until…

They got to the scene where people are telling Flint rapid-fire style what they want the machine to make. Someone says “jelly beans!” someone says “falafel!” and then out of nowhere, you see/hear this:

And this is where I start cackling. Loudly. Embarrassingly loudly. This immediately became my favorite quote from this movie. Since then, it has become one of my favorites, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about it. I quote it constantly, and even started making Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs valentines.

Beyond what is clearly the best single-word movie moment ever, this movie is full of hilarious moments. From Baby Brent running with giant grand ceremony scissors yelling, “I REALLY shouldn’t be running with these!” to Steve the monkey throwing what everyone thinks are “chocolate ice cream snowballs,” to Flint faking a peanut allergy so that Sam, the cute meteorologist, likes him, I laughed out loud at several points during this cinematic masterpiece.

And did I mention the stellar cast full of amazing comedians? This movie features voice acting by Bill Hader, Anna Ferris, Andy Sandburg, Benjamin Bratt, Neil Patrick Harris, Mr. T, and James Caan. They lend their great voices and amazing comedic instincts to create this brilliant movie.

I know what you’re thinking: this movie sounds amazing! Is there another one? Great news, there is!

The sequel came out while I was in college, and I saw it as soon as I could. The beauty of this movie franchise is actually the fact that there’s an overarching theme across both movies. You see, as a scientist, Flint was always a misunderstood disappointment to his father. While his mother accepted his eccentricities, she passed when he was young, and he never felt accepted. Because of this, in both movies, Flint is tricked by older father-figure type men who act as though they accept him in order to get something out of him. I love that they kept this theme alive, and it turns the movies from silly kid’s movies into artistic perfection.

Yes, this is how strongly I feel about these movies. No, I will not apologize for appreciating art!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings – #116 Avocado

  1. Oh my gosh I love these movies!! Although I dont recall this avocado scene hahaha my class just watched the first one so I’m not sure I’ll go back to it for a while, but I might seek out the 2nd one over the next week since I’m on holidays

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    1. Right?! They’re so good! I have no idea why this line stuck out and made me laugh so hard, but here we are 🤣 I hope you find somewhere to watch the second one!


  2. STEVE!!!!
    Cloudy is one of my all-time favorites. On my Bumble BFF profile, one of my prompts is: Must-see movie to which I respond: Cloudy…. because what other answer is there?
    Also you can’t beat Mr. T saying Flint. Lock. Wood. 🤣

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