my least favorite season

Today’s Rant: My ~Least~ Favorite Season

If you guessed that it’s rabbit season or duck season, you’re wrong. It’s allergy season. (Okay, so if you’re a hunter, it might be rabbit or duck season, I honestly have no idea.) In my household, it’s allergy season. And I say my household because we all have allergies. It’s the season of “I’ve had a headache for three days,” and “Can anyone else not … Continue reading Today’s Rant: My ~Least~ Favorite Season

aging human body

The Aging Human Body

It’s no secret that it’s basically impossible to be fully prepared for adulthood. We’re fumbling through it like our parents did and their parents before them. Sure, we knew that we would have to “be financially independent” and “clean up after ourselves…” But I was really unprepared for what growing up would do to…my body. Seriously, since college, my body has undergone a full night-and-day … Continue reading The Aging Human Body

love hate relationship routine

My Love/Hate Relationship with Routine

From what I’ve heard, when it comes to routine, there are two different kinds of people: people who like routine and people who prefer spontaneity/variety. In Myers-Briggs speak (because you know that I can’t talk about personality without talking about the MBTI), this is P(erceiving) vs J(udging). P’s (like me), lean more towards spontaneity and shy away from routine. J’s have this really annoying tendency … Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Routine