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Getting Real With Delia: Discovery Through Grief

This is a guest post for my “Getting Real” series. On this blog, we provide “pure human content,” and truly get real. I wanted to give other bloggers the opportunity to come on here and get real with me! I am so excited for the opportunity to invite other bloggers to join me and share their life experience and big feels. Interested in sending over a guest post and being part of the “Getting Real” series? Send me an email!

Now without further ado, let’s get real…

I am grateful for being part of Renata’s “Getting Real Series.” Little did she know that writing a guest post was a goal of mine for 2023. So thank you for helping me reach that goal! It confirms that the universe will serve you once you become intentional about what you want. 

Blogging wasn’t part of the original plan! I was a dental assistant on track to become your friendly neighborhood Dentist. I’m quirky, upbeat, and obsessed with teeth. The shoe fit, so I wore it. HAHA

And I know you’re wondering how one goes from chasing a Dental career to a guest post, so here’s how.

Woman Seeking Outlet

Grief is a hell of a process. As I write this, I’m mourning the loss of my grandmother, and you’d think I’d be used to this by now since I’ve been dealing with grief in so many ways over the last six years, but I’m not. I’ve dealt with the physical death of loved ones, pets, and friendships I had for 20+ years. Grief hurts and never disappears; you learn to live through it. I’ve had to let go of the guilt I associated with not remembering a portion of my life. There are four months of my life that I do not remember because of grief. 

Thankfully, grief was the gateway to exploring my creativity and my spirituality. However, between the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, I needed an outlet in the worst way.

I couldn’t find the spaces that met my needs or understood my viewpoint, so I created what I needed. And I started living so that if I didn’t see what I needed, I would make it. After several hours of talking to my therapist, she suggested I explore what I enjoyed as a kid. So I studied voice animation because I love cartoons, tried out every workout class you can imagine in a two-week time frame, and while I had a great time doing it, it wasn’t it. 

Then it hit me one morning that the one thing I consistently do is journal writing. It had been part of my daily activity since the 8th grade, so I began exploring how I make it a career. I got distracted by the hysteria of social media’s overnight success stories and made several detours.

Self-Discovery is Not One Size Fits All

Grief was the catalyst to self-discovery, a road I’ll be on for the rest of my life. You’ll experience periods of stagnation and moments when you’re in flow. You’ll feel lost as if you’re grasping at straws, but you won’t know what your heart truly desires unless you try new things. 

Before I got serious about writing, I sold life insurance, joined multi-level marketing organizations, and was a data entry specialist, and they all felt WRONG. My intuition was sounding the alarm to abort the mission, and I kept going against it. I often felt stuck in the caterpillar stage and wondered if I’d ever manifest my butterfly moment.  

All I wanted was to be free. 

I finally understood that we have an intuition for a reason, and once I started listening to mine, my artistic alter ego began to rise. I started drawing, painting, making some pretty cool things with epoxy, and using my voice more. A calmness came over me, and I was determined to write fun back into the agenda. 

“Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV) And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

Lessons Along the Way

In a conversation with a strength’s finder coach, she said that you are only six people away from getting what you need, and it stuck with me. I had to stay present and be more intentional in making connections. In doing so, this is what I learned:

  1. Take more action – Daily action builds your confidence and your belief. The more people you serve, the more opportunities you will find.
  2. Environments matter – Let’s be honest; as much as we want our family and friends to participate in all our ventures, they can’t. Not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to. So find a community but don’t jump into any old community. Find one that has similar goals and mindsets. It’s easy to be distracted by how something looks vs. it being the right environment to foster your growth. 
  3. Get an accountability Partner – Accountability partners have so much power; it pushes you to show up, which is its own battle. Not only are you showing up for yourself, but you’re also showing up for someone else. Finding an accountability partner is easy; ask for one and watch who shows up. I have three of them! 
  4. Stop worrying about being the expert because you already are – You are the expert of your story. You are the star, author, and publisher. You know what you do best, so do whatever that this.  
  5. If you want people to invest in you, you must do it first.

Wrap Up

Exploring who I am is like painting strokes onto a blank canvas. I’ve only filled in a quarter of it, leaving the rest to be created. I’m working on the most incredible painting of my life while learning to operate as my higher self as God designed it. 

Although life throws me curve balls, I choose to move forward. If I permit myself to take chances and surround myself with people who aspire to do more, I’ll be okay. I’m resilient, talented, and on my way to fulfilling my destiny.

Author Bio:

Delia is a South Jersey freelance writer, blogger, and podcast host who helps women in their 30s pivot toward success.  She knows what it’s like to start from scratch, having gone from working in a dental office to a digital workspace. Delia firmly believes that changing your circumstances can be fun, and she uses her experience to help others achieve their goals. You can connect with her and read her blog here!

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