dan as a child opening a christmas present of toy cars

Ghosts of Christmas Toys Past

This week on the blog, my fiancé Dan wanted to come on and share about all of the toys that he got as a kid for Christmas. Whether they were fun, dangerous, or anywhere in between, get ready for one blast from the past! Christmas is supposed to be about giving right?  But when we were kids? Yeah, not so much!  I’m sure your father … Continue reading Ghosts of Christmas Toys Past

olive standing in front of a tree and presents

161 Thoughts I had While Watching Olive, the Other Reindeer

So this year, I received the greatest gift of all from my best friend Marisa — a new animated Christmas movie to watch! While we were chatting one day this week, she asked if I had ever seen the Christmas special Olive, the Other Reindeer. Having no idea what this special was, I looked it up on YouTube. Since my post from two years ago … Continue reading 161 Thoughts I had While Watching Olive, the Other Reindeer

pile of black boba pearls

The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings

This week’s post is coming to you early because my blogging buddy Paul has issued another challenge this week: The Captain’s Quiz 5! If you remember from the last time I participated in Paul’s quiz, I came in 2nd (to blogging buddy Bill). Paul has had another Captain’s Quiz since, which I totally missed (blaming blogging buddy Bill for not letting me know — was he … Continue reading The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings

wooden toy elephant on two books

What Do an Elephant and I Have in Common…?

When I was a kid, every time she saw me, my grandmother would ask me what I had in common with an elephant, to which I always replied, “An elephant never forgets!” Even as a child, my family could see that I had a great memory. Pretty much anything anyone said or did would instantly stick in my head. And I was a nosy kid, … Continue reading What Do an Elephant and I Have in Common…?

laptop, cellphone, coffee, and notebook sitting on wooden table as someone uses a green pen to write in the notebook

Ambivert’s Refuge

In many ways, I am a tried-and-true extrovert. I always prefer to be around people, I find any excuse to chat with random strangers, and I feel energized after talking to others. However, I also developed social anxiety in my early twenties and started to be more selective with my friends, choosing quality over quantity. With a tighter circle and a crippling fear of feeling … Continue reading Ambivert’s Refuge