person writing 2023 in the sand on the beach near the ocean

Bring on 2023!

Okay, so I know that we still have a couple weeks of 2022, but I’ve been struggling to write recently, and I’ve realized that’s because… Well, I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I know, I know. This is where the audience gasps and people faint. Renata? Not excited for Christmas? Renata!? For the record, though, it doesn’t seem like I’m the only … Continue reading Bring on 2023!

old man dressed as santa dancing with headphones on

Some of My Favorite Christmas Song Remakes

I love Christmas music. I know I get a lot of flack for how early in the year I start listening to Christmas music from my fiancé, everyone on my social media, Bill, the local barista and…you know, everyone else.  Is September too early? Asking for this joker: Hell, sometimes during the year, if I’m feeling down, I’ll put on one of my favorite Christmas … Continue reading Some of My Favorite Christmas Song Remakes

person cutting piece of white meat turkey

Weird Food Opinions: Holiday Edition

At this point, everyone knows that I have some weird food opinions. Between the fact that I prefer the Oreo cookie to the cream and that I like to eat ice cream cones with or without the ice cream, I have some rather unpopular feelings. As everyone knows, the holidays are ALL about food, and my feelings about the foods that we enjoy during the … Continue reading Weird Food Opinions: Holiday Edition

person writing goals with checkboxes in notebook

Setting and Achieving Goals Mindfully

While out shopping this past weekend, I saw a mindfulness planner. As someone who finds it physically impossible to not look at planners and journals when I find them, I naturally picked it up. Ooooh, mindfulness. Now they’re speaking my language. But something jumped out at me as soon as I read the back cover. One of the features that the planner boasted was “goal … Continue reading Setting and Achieving Goals Mindfully

trivia paper, beer, and pen on a wooden table

Types of Questions Asked at Trivia Night

I know that I’m not the only one who’s been itching for interaction since COVID started (and honestly, as an extrovert, I generally itch for interaction anyway). Back in July of 2021, I joined an axe league to get a bit of social interaction, and that has been great! But then, one day a few months ago, I happened to see that our local brewery … Continue reading Types of Questions Asked at Trivia Night