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Weird Food Opinions: Holiday Edition

At this point, everyone knows that I have some weird food opinions. Between the fact that I prefer the Oreo cookie to the cream and that I like to eat ice cream cones with or without the ice cream, I have some rather unpopular feelings.

As everyone knows, the holidays are ALL about food, and my feelings about the foods that we enjoy during the holidays (here in the US, at least) are just as weird as my other food feelings! Warning: if you love stuffing and believe that white turkey meat should go anywhere but the trash, you will probably hate this post…

No fish for the feast of the seven fishes

Since we typically celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad’s family and Christmas with my mom’s, we have Christmas Eve with my dad’s family. Since we’re an Italian-American family, we have the feast of the seven fishes. To be fair, what we actually do is have raw shrimp, cooked shrimp, crab cakes, and one type of bone fish…so it’s roughly four fishes…or one fish and three shellfish…

I’m not the biggest fan of fish and shellfish, so I usually bypass all of those and opt for red meat instead. I’m definitely the odd man out at the table. My mom finds it hilarious that I don’t like cooked fish but I enjoy sushi. But sushi just really doesn’t taste fishy, yknow?

You can keep that stuffing off my plate

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE bread. Give me a baguette, an Italian roll, or a loaf of white, potato, or rye and I will gladly eat it. Plain, with butter, with jam, with some sort of fancy spread…any way at all. Bread is amazing.

But I just don’t like it baked in stuff. Things like stuffing and bread pudding have never appealed to me (then again, I’m not a fan of pudding in general…especially not banana pudding…). I’ll cut up the bread for the stuffing, eating about half a loaf along the way. But during the meal, feel free to enjoy all of the stuffing your heart desires, just as long as you pass the potatoes my way…

The dark meat is better, and I’m not sorry

Obvious innuendo aside, white turkey meat is completely pointless. Even if it’s somewhat moist, it’s still nowhere near as moist as the dark meat. I feel like the same people who enjoy white turkey meat are those who want their steak so well done it has the same texture as a well-word boot. I don’t understand those people, either.

Fun fact: when I was little, I hated steak because my parents would always make it well done. Then, one day my dad let me try a bite of his medium-rare sirloin steak, and I was like “THIS IS WHAT STEAK IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE!? WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN GIVING ME!?”

Don’t give me ham, either

Yeah, don’t do it…

No holiday meal is complete without tortellini soup

Before every holiday meal with my dad’s family (and also with my mom’s family this year), we have bowls of tortellini soup. I wish I could tell you that I have *refined tastes* and that our tortellini soup is something that’s cooked for days with a fancy chicken carcass imported from Sweden and all kinds of exotic veggies and spices, and homemade tortellini, but alas, it is a simple soup with canned broth, celery, carrots, escarole, and frozen tortellini…and I absolutely love it.

My Gommy — my dad’s mom — used to make it for all of us, but since we lost her in 2020, someone else always jumps in to make it. It’s nice to still have it on holidays, even if it makes us all a teensy bit sad. Miss you, Gommy.

I actually eat less at big holiday meals

Okay, so this isn’t really an opinion about food, just a fact about my life. While everyone around me is talking about binging and huge meals, I’m putting little bits of everything on my plate and eating until I’m comfortable. I eat less at holiday dinners than at a normal, everyday meal. I have no idea why this is…I just chalk it up to my rebel personality.

I hope that no matter your holidays or your preferences, you get to enjoy all of the tasty foods! But seriously, get that stuffing away from me…

Photo by RODNAE Productions

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