journal that says "you can do hard things" on a wood background

Well, I Didn’t PLAN for That…

I love planners.  Notebooks and planners are like my kryptonite. Every time I walk into a store with decorative journals and planners, I stare at them for a long time, caress them, and then eventually guilt Dan into buying me (at least) one. Ever since I was a child who enjoyed writing, I was drawn to certain notebooks, and I just had to have them, … Continue reading Well, I Didn’t PLAN for That…

someone tattooing red flowers on another person

Sunday Scribblings – #114 Tattoo

Happy Sunday, everyone! Every Wednesday, blogging buddy Aaron over at The Confusing Middle posts a “Sunday Scribblings” prompt for other bloggers to ponder and respond to on the following Sunday. If you’re a blogger looking for more inspiration, I highly recommend jumping in and joining in on the fun! This week’s prompt is: Tattoo! “Wait, Renata, you don’t have any tattoos!?” I’ve been asked this … Continue reading Sunday Scribblings – #114 Tattoo

5 laptops sitting around a table with cups, cellphones, water bottles, folders, notebooks, and headphones

This Email Could’ve Been a Meeting

Okay, okay, so I know this is a hot take but…this email could’ve been a meeting. I love meetings. Gosh, it feels so good to finally be able to type it out loud. I know that there are tons of memes and tweets out there about “meetings that could’ve been emails” because some people have way too many meetings during the week that waste virtually … Continue reading This Email Could’ve Been a Meeting

image from night in the woods video game with main characters and title

Undeniable Proof that Night in the Woods is the Best Video Game Ever

I’ve played video games casually for a long time. When I was little, I had a GameBoy Color where I played those impossible Nickelodeon games where I would die essentially every time I took a step. My parents bought me a PlayStation 2 one year for Christmas, but even then, I mostly played Disney games and party games (I plan on writing about all of … Continue reading Undeniable Proof that Night in the Woods is the Best Video Game Ever