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Having a Ridiculously Small Appetite

TW: Disordered eating, emetophobia I have a fun fact for you all: I have, like, the smallest appetite ever. Now, before you start telling me that “you wish you had that problem,” let me tell you: you don’t. Imagine, if you will, a plate with your favorite meal. You eat about a third of your plate, and you’re comfortably full. You stare at the plate … Continue reading Having a Ridiculously Small Appetite

jake peralta from brooklyn 99 looking upset with bird feathers flying around

Schemes! Schemes! Schemes!

When Dan and I watch Brooklyn 99 (which we do rather frequently), I am reminded each episode that I am a combination of Amy, Jake, and Hitchcock. For those who don’t know, Hitchcock is a pervert who sexually harasses everyone. Amy is a type-A uptight personality who seeks validation from superiors. And Jake, dear, sweet Jake, is a well-meaning goofball who is always getting everyone … Continue reading Schemes! Schemes! Schemes!

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The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up

IT IS TIME FOR ANOTHER CAPTAIN’S QUIZ! *Cue the Hallelujah chorus* As the reigning champion of Paul’s Captain’s Quizzes, there was no way I wasn’t jumping at this opportunity to compete again. As per usual, Paul delivered with some fun questions! Who knows what he’s looking for in the answers? Only he does! Who will win? Only one way to find out… 1. Question: You … Continue reading The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up