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Blogiversary 4: The Bleu Topaz Anniversary

Another year, another blogiversary where I don’t know what to write about!

As per usual, I tapped Editor Josh for ideas. As per usual, this tapping happened two evenings before I actually needed to write this post.

Monday marked 4 years that I’ve been doing this blog, and it is very interesting for me to sit back and look at all of the ups and downs of my writing and this blog. Now, Josh and I are in the homestretch of getting my first book published — talk about progress!

Even with all of this introspection, I wasn’t sure what to write about (introspection isn’t always the most fun thing, anyway — you want me to sit alone with my thoughts!? No, thank you!).

Josh and I went through the importance of the number 4 in my life, which wasn’t entirely fruitless. In high school, my lucky number was 4 because that was my average AP test score (not that I’m a nerd or anything). My Wordle average score is also 4. When I was a child, 12 was my lucky number (divisible by 4). My birthday is February 24th (4 is double 2 and 24 is divisible by 4), and Dan’s and my anniversary is April 4th.

Four is not insignificant for me, but I didn’t feel like I could draft a post about it. So I did the other thing that I do every year: I looked up “4th anniversary” presents. If the site that I found is to be believed, the traditional 4th anniversary gift is apparently fruit and flowers, while the modern 4th anniversary gift is appliances. Considering the fact that I mostly eat potatoes, am allergic to flowers, and do not have any stories about haunted dishwashers, I thought this might be a bust.

That is until I saw that the 4th anniversary gemstone is blue topaz (one of my favorites), and I do actually have a blue topaz story! It takes place in a time long, long ago…


One night way back in March, my friend and I walked past the jewelry store in town, and I saw a gorgeous blue topaz necklace. It was a gemstone in the shape of a heart just dangling from a chain…oh wait, I can show you!

hand holding jewelry box with heart-shaped blue topaz pendant necklace

She’s a beaut, isn’t she?

Since I saw this necklace in the shop window in the last week of March, I figured it might be a good anniversary present for me from Dan (as opposed to the normal things I make him buy on any random Tuesday). It even matches my engagement ring!

The following week, he took me to get it and I was instantly in love. And how could I not be, amirite?

In typical Renata fashion, I left the necklace in the bag on my kitchen table. I just knew that the beautiful necklace would get lost in my room, so I didn’t want to bring it upstairs until I absolutely knew where I wanted to store it. Eventually, we had to clean off the table for company or something, so the bag was misplaced. Within a few days, I realized that I had no idea where the bag had gone, but I knew I would find it eventually! Things just have a way of making their way back to you, you know?

And if they don’t, well, that’s a problem for future Renata. Present Renata prefers blissful ignorance!

After a few days of playing “out of sight, out of mind,” I asked Dan the very embarrassing question of where my necklace had gone. I hated admitting that I hadn’t seen the jewelry bag in almost a week, but I figured it was better to ask him than to not know. He asked me where I’d last seen it, and I mentioned that it was in the bag that had been on the table.

Cue Dan turning white as a ghost, “But I threw that bag out.”

We scoured the entire house looking for the necklace that night, with Dan repeating over and over that he had no idea how he could’ve managed to throw out a piece of jewelry. After about an hour of searching, we assumed the worst: the necklace had accidentally been thrown in the garbage that was taken the day before. I was bummed, of course…no one likes the idea of their jewelry thrown in the trash, but Dan promised to replace it as soon as the store opened the next morning, and I knew it would be fine. He was beating himself up enough, no need to pile on!

So the next day, he called the jewelry store and told them he was in the doghouse for accidentally throwing out his fiancé’s anniversary necklace. While they didn’t have any more, they could order one for him. Whew! The necklace was replaceable, no biggie!

After that, I stopped thinking about it. That is, until the next week…

Dan was rustling around the kitchen one night the following week, grabbing all that he needed to make himself a sandwich while I played video games in the living room.

“Hey babe?” I heard from the kitchen and looked over. And there he was, fridge door ajar, holding the necklace box. I was in complete disbelief.

“Where did you find that?”

“It was in…the cheese drawer in the fridge.”

Now, we still have no idea how the necklace got into the fridge, but we can only assume that someone putting away cheese (Dan) took the white box that looked like a block of cheese and shoved it in the cheese drawer along with the actual cheeses. Or maybe it was one of those situations where he had cheese in one hand and the necklace in another and…is that why my jewelry box has been smelling like feet?

As you can imagine, this has led to innumerable jokes around the house about Dan accidentally throwing out expensive things and searching for missing items in the cheese drawer. When you pray to Saint Anthony to find your missing possessions, I think that’s where he hides them for you to find…

Anthony: the patron saint of “why are my car keys next to the gouda?”

So, there are a few life lessons I think you can draw from this story: if your jewelry is missing, always check the cheese drawer…and that’s really it, actually, that’s the only life lesson. Everything ends up in the cheese drawer. Plus, while searching the cheese drawer for your hidden items, you can enjoy some cheese! You’re welcome, and Happy Blogiversary!

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Blogiversary 4: The Bleu Topaz Anniversary

  1. My husband and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month and since we alternate who gives the other a gift, it was my year for gift-giving and as you stated, the traditional 4th anniversary gift is fruit and flowers and the modern 4th gift is appliances. Well we unexpectedly purchased a new oven and microwave weeks prior since ours were on the fritz (go us!), but I still wanted to gift him something. I didn’t just want to get him flowers and he’s allergic to many a fruit, so I put a spin on the bouquet idea: I purchased a handful of nice cigars and arranged them in a vase with some faux greenery like a bouquet. I think I nailed it. 😉

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