Blogiversary: How Blogging Has Helped Me

Has it been a year already? You know what they say, “time flies when you’re complaining to strangers on the internet!” If I’m being honest, my depressed brain assumed that I would give up on doing this blog only a few weeks in. Or at least, I’d post a lot less frequently because I didn’t have any ideas. I’m proud of myself for sticking with … Continue reading Blogiversary: How Blogging Has Helped Me

i want it now

I Want It NOW!

I’ve recently become aware that I have missed a crucial part of my mental development from child to adult. As children, we need to learn to have impulse control and the benefits of delayed gratification. As an adult Renata, apparently, this development was not part of my evolution. I also never grew above 5 feet, so maybe they’re related… My therapist used to talk about … Continue reading I Want It NOW!

allergic to fluff

Might As Well Face It — I’m Allergic to Fluff

Fun fact: I suffer from one of the most common, yet also most devastating, first-world ailments. I’m allergic to fur animals. I don’t go into full-on anaphylactic shock or anything, but when I’m exposed to animal dander for a while, I start itching. It’s like suddenly it’s allergy season, but just on my face. I can’t pet-sit for people with fur animals or even stay … Continue reading Might As Well Face It — I’m Allergic to Fluff