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The Captain’s Quiz 7: Well, That’s New

You all know that I absolutely love blogging buddy Paul’s Captain’s quizzes (fun fact: Paul recently wrote a guest post for my blog! You can find it here). I’m always excited to join in and answer his sometimes-ridiculous, always-hilarious questions. As always, these questions do not have any “right” or “wrong” answers per se…Paul may know the grading rubric, but the participants will not know until he announces who won.

Enjoy reading my answers to his questions below!

1. Question: In the first High School Musical movie, Troy and Gabriella sing a song called, “Start of Something New”. What are three things you would tell kids before they start high school?

Answer: This is the perfect question for me — inspiring young minds and a Disney Channel original movie. I actually wrote a guide to high school for the new resident of my high school locker when I graduated! Let’s pass on some wisdom!

  • Learn work/life balance early. Don’t get too stressed out about your grades and find a way to fit some relaxation and self-care time into your busy schedule. Even take a mental health day when you need one! Having a rough week and not sleeping? Spend Friday sleeping as much as you can and just chill. Break out your favorite book and take a much-needed day off. You deserve it!
  • Make your schoolwork as fun as possible — pack your schedule full of classes you enjoy (that will also help you graduate) and take any creative liberties you can when doing schoolwork. Let that creativity flow whenever you can.

  • Find a teacher who you can confide in and visit when you’re having a particularly stressful day. Hell, I’d also recommend hanging out in their classroom as much as possible, but that’s probably only sound advice if you’re like me and had very few friends in high school.

2. Question: The first iPhone came out in 2007 and thousands of people lined up to get one. What is the longest you’ve ever stood in a line? What was it for? Was it worth the wait?

Answer: The longest I can remember standing in line was for rolled ice cream back in 2016. At some point, I will write on this blog about my scheming nature, but for a while, one of my friends Rachel was my main scheming buddy. She found out that we were getting a rolled ice cream place in Philly and we decided we just had to go. Since it was fairly new, we ended up waiting in a line around the block — for about 1.5 hours. As much as I love ice cream and would love to say that it was worth it, it decidedly was not. Rachel and I eat chocolate ice cream, but the “chocolate” ice cream they made was actually vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, which everyone knows IS NOT THE SAME THING! I was incredibly disappointed.

3. Question: On the game show, The Price is Right, they often give away a brand new car and most contestants jump up and down in excitement. If you won a new car on TV, how would you feel?

Answer: While my car (2007 Toyota Highlander) is technically “functional,” she is rather old and in need of thousands of dollars worth of work. She’s my first car and holds many memories. I’m currently avoiding getting a new car, but if I won a new car on TV and it was one that I liked, I would feel the need to sell my current baby. It would feel absolutely bittersweet. I think I would probably have a breakdown on TV and regale the game show host with all of the memories I had attached to my current car. I’m tearing up just typing this…

4. Question: Four teams in the NFL have the word “New” in their name: New Orleans, New England, and New York (x2). What are three words that have “new” anywhere in the word.


  • Newsboy
  • Renewable
  • Sinew

5. Question: In what year did your favourite artist/band put out their latest album? How many songs are on that album and how many of them do you like?

Answer: As is well documented on my blog, I am a huge fan of Billy Joel. The large majority of his original work was released before I was even born, and since then, he’s released several live albums of shows he’s done and several compilation albums, as well as one classical album. But the last “rock/pop” album he released was River of Dreams in 1993, and I must say that I love me some late 80s/early 90s Joel. He really started to produce some funky stuff for his last albums, and I am here for it. River of Dreams has 10 tracks in total, 7 of which I really really love and choose not to skip. In fact, my favorite Billy Joel concert memory involves the first song on that album, No Man’s Land.

6. Question: Many items (books, cars, video games, clothes, etc.) can be bought used, instead of new. Tell me about some used items you’ve purchased.

Answer: When we were in college, my college roommate and I loved to shop in a local second-hand jewelry shop. There, I bought an hourglass charm for a charm bracelet, a ring with a GIANT pink fake stone, and most importantly, a ring with 5 interlocking hearts and 5 colored stones. I loved it because I was polyamorous at the time, so I had many loves, and I am also a huge fan of things with all different colors. It’s still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. One time, I reached into a peanut butter jar to get to the bottom while wearing that ring and got peanut butter all over it. I had to go to a jewelry store and get it professionally cleaned to get all of the peanut butter off.

More recently, while I was in Disney, I saw someone wearing an adorable magenta Mickey tank top. I searched for it online while waiting in line to ride The Haunted Mansion, but I couldn’t find it new because it was years old. So instead, I purchased it used on eBay. It came in totally fine and adorable, and I can’t wait to wear it when it gets warm again!

Finally, a couple of years ago, Dan and I decided to start using the WiiFit regularly to workout. My parents had bought me the WiiFit game and board before I went to college (approximately 66468545442 years ago), and by the time Dan and I wanted to use it, I could only find the board, not the game. So I called up our local GameStop and said “Hey, so you know how about 10 years ago, the WiiFit came out, so everyone needed a WiiFit, but then they stopped using it after two weeks and now, they want to come back to it years later but can’t find the game anywhere in their house?” The salesperson was a bit amused at my verbosity, but c’mon — that was so relatable, right? GameStop happened to have a used copy, so Dan and I swung right over there to buy and play it…then stopped using the WiiFit 2 weeks later.

7. Question: What foods are just as good, if not better, as leftovers?

Answer: The best leftovers are foods in a sauce that can be absorbed overnight. I love having stir fry the day after it was made because after sitting in the fridge overnight, it’s so much better! If the food has a flavorful sauce (that doesn’t get glumpy!), it only gets better as it has more time to absorb the sauce.

8. Question: You need a new pair of shoes. Describe the process of finding the perfect pair.

Answer: The perfect pair of shoes for me are always Sperry’s. Always. So the process for me involves going to, and searching by brand for Sperry’s. Then, I have to find ones that are the exact style that I like (I have owned/own 6 in the same style, and would be thrilled if I could get them in every color and never wear any other kind of shoes again). Finally, I have to make sure that they’re available in a size 8 and click “buy.” My dad has a Nordstrom credit card, so he gets the points when we use it at Nordstrom stores. I like to be thoughtful, so I’d use his credit card to pay and get him the points. What can I say? I’m a giver.

9. Question: Would you rather have a new friend, a new book, or a new TV show to watch? Explain your choice.

Answer: A new friend, always! I love close friendships, and miss seeing my friends when I don’t get the opportunity. I would love to have a new friend that lives right next door so that we can go to each other’s houses every day, have regular meals together, sometimes cowork at each other’s houses, etc, etc. I’ve always wanted a sitcom friend group that’s always hanging out, so bring on the new friends! Also, I struggle to watch new TV shows and sometimes read new books as well…I usually prefer rewatching/rereading!

10. Question: The Newlywed Game is a game that married couples, as well as friends, play to see how well they know each other. The last person you texted/sent a message to, is your partner. How well would you do at this game?

Answer: No surprise here — the last message I sent was to editor Josh. Many of my blog readers know that while also being my blog editor, Josh is my ex partner, one of my best friends, and even cohosted a podcast with me. I often message him bugging him about blog/book edits, the Wordle puzzle of the day, and pretty much anything I need help with ever. Considering the fact that we both have disturbingly good memories and that he probably knows me better than anyone else, I think we’d crush it.


1. Question: You just got a new job and must introduce yourself by sending a group email to your new co-workers. Write your introductory email as if you’re typing it while riding a rollercoaster.


Hello feloqww employes,

I’m so EXCITED TO INTRODUCEJ MYSELF today!![ My nwame is Renata asd I’m thrilled to be hcoibning the teamQ! I a coming from a background j logicotc and wellness startup;s. I hope my expertise prves valuableTOTHETAM.  I live with myfosa vn df azADN  MYPARETD AND i love to do puzzl,es and pl,azy video game on tbhe aehends. I’m a huge Disndryuphile so I would love to gushasbit4juuit disney wight yju!q.



2. Question: A new restaurant is opening in your town. You decide to go there for dinner a month after they open. Write a review of your experience. (All the details: name of restaurant, food, layout, etc., are up to you).


A Tasty Experience We Won’t Forget 5/5 stars

Wow. This restaurant, “The Tasty Escape,” truly has it all. As anyone who knows me can attest, I love escape rooms, so when I heard about this escape room-themed restaurant, I knew I had to make reservations. We waited a month until all of the bugs were worked out (not literal bugs, of course, the place was spotless, but you know, it takes some time to get the kinks fixed), but it was totally worth the wait. We were fully entertained from the moment we got there until the moment we left. When we entered the restaurant, we placed our order. My fiancé Dan and I ordered an appetizer and dessert to split and one entrée each. As the kitchen got to work preparing our food, we entered an escape room-type experience where we had to solve puzzles to find our food (or rather, pictures of our food). When we “found” everything, we entered the main dining room where our appetizer (some scrumptious loaded cheese fries) was waiting for us on the table. An appropriate amount of time later, the waiter brought out Dan’s burger and my pasta dish with veggies before bringing out our slice of cheesecake for dessert. It was an overall delightful experience and we are already planning our next trip there so we can do the other escape dining experiences on premises. Highly recommend!

3. Question: You are the creator of a new social media platform. Tell me about it.

Answer: My social media platform is called “The Break,” and it is primarily for people who struggle with their mental health. It’s aptly called “The Break” because that is short for the breakdown that we all have sometimes (the first post I ever wrote for my blog was about one such breakdown) and also because you can only post on “The Break” once per week, forcing you to take a break from it. On this platform, there’s absolutely no hate speech/bullying/shaming others, strictly sharing vulnerable stories and lifting each other up. This platform has to have ads (so that we can keep it running but also because I find ads to be particularly helpful) but you can tailor the ads to your tastes. Small businesses and startups, only! Shop small, y’all!

Thanks as always to Paul for creating an awesome quiz! I will be waiting with baited breath for the results on Friday! 

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz 7: Well, That’s New

  1. Congratulations on winning!
    The email was amazing!! I can see how your husband shaking you while typing helped!!
    I love love your idea of the restaurant!!! I wish I had thought about something similar for my answer!!! I totally enjoy escape rooms and puzzles… and i can’t wait for things to get alright for me to enjoy another escape room!
    That’s a very good app!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Lol yes, I got yelled at when I backspaced anything to retype it…he was like “That defeats the purpose!!!” 🤣

      And thank you…as they say, write what you know…and I know escape rooms! Haha! Yes, hopefully you can get back to them soon, they’re so much fun. We’ve done 25ish rooms total 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry for the delay in giving my feedback to your answers, Champ! Here they are:
    1. Big fan of the “make your schoolwork fun” thing. All throughout school, I’d try to throw my own interests into as many assignments as I could get away with.
    2. I’ll be honest, I had to Google what rolled ice cream is. I see the pictures and still don’t believe this is a real thing.
    3. Your breakdown on TV would definitely be a 20 second clip that would go viral on Twitter
    5. You were one of the only ones who answered this question properly. Apparently it confused a lot of people.
    6. “…then stopped using the WiiFit 2 weeks later”. Very relatable. I played the Wii at a friends house once (once!), and hit the ceiling with the remote while playing tennis. That was the end of it. No more Wii for mee.
    8. I had to Google what Sperry’s were. My reaction upon seeing them was “ohhh those!”
    9. Same, I’d pick a new friend too
    B1. This was really smart. I think I’m going to do more “Write your answer is if you’re ____” questions in the future.
    B3. I think the world needs this now more than ever, if not for all of us to get off social media entirely

    Thanks for doing this and congratulations on the win!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Paul! LOL about the Wii. I really loved mine and even brought it to college so I could play Wii with friends in the common room. Dan and I still sometimes play Mario Party 8 on the Wii since it is the superior option. Also, the remotes come with wrist straps, dude…c’mon! 😜

      Liked by 1 person

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