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My 12 Days of Christmas

As someone with a penchant for variety, I’ve always had a certain affinity for the 12 days of Christmas. Whether you like to listen to the traditional version, enjoy Straight No Chaser’s sassy version, the ironic version, or you’re in the Philly area and like to go see it on the big screen at the Comcast center (it starts around 6:45 if you don’t want to watch the whole video), this song really allows a lot of opportunity for improvisation. So I thought, why not share my own 12 days of Christmas? Last year, I shared my list for Santa, but I guess this year, I’m putting it all on “my true love,” which would be my fiancé Dan. Sorry, babe!

Since I’m sure that you don’t want to read everything repeated 12 times, I’ll just skip to the last verse…

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

12 Pairs of Socks by Disney

A few years ago when my family went to Disney World, I found something truly magical in one of the souvenir shops: a sock advent calendar. As a kid, I always had chocolate advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas. I even have some memories of my mom and I frantically going from store to store to try and find an advent calendar on November 30th. However, the past few years, I just haven’t been as interested in chocolate advent calendars (not to mention the fact that I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate and we’ve had to specially order advent calendars in order to get one with dark chocolate). I love surprises, and it’s nice to have a little surprise daily leading up to Christmas, but chocolate advent calendars just aren’t my thing anymore.

Instead, every year, I get an advent calendar with 12 days of Disney socks to squeal over and enjoy. Today’s socks were (ADD IN SOCKS HERE) and I LOVE THEM!

11 More Escape Rooms

If you’re new around here, you may not be familiar with my love of escape rooms. As of today, Dan and I have done 21 escape rooms. Literally any time we meet up with another couple, wherever we may be, my immediate instinct is to ask them if I should book an escape room. For someone that has chronic feelings of uselessness unless I’m being productive, escape rooms are the perfect balance of fun and goal-oriented. After all, why face your problems when you can just find things that feed into them to make you feel complete?

Heh heh heh…sigh.

Needless to say, we are running out of rooms near us that we can do (especially since we prefer to only do private escape rooms). So, on the 11th day of Christmas, I’d like to have 11 more escape rooms to open up nearby. 

After all, nothing says holiday fun like screaming at your friend to “GO GRAB THAT THING OVER THERE…HAVEN’T YOU SOLVED THAT YET? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU HAVE TO PEE?! IT’S LIKE YOU DIDN’T EVEN COME HERE TO WIN!”

10 Blog Post Ideas

Damn, do I struggle coming up with blog post topics sometimes. There are times where I’ll go months without coming up with a new blog post topic. Months, I tell you! I even had to stop posting to the blog every other Saturday due to my lack of time and creative energy that I need to churn out blog posts. For the 10th day of Christmas, I’ll take 10 new blog post topics. You know, at least to get me started with the new year. 

9 Guided Journals

Since you can never have enough sources of creativity, some guided journals might be helpful, especially after I run out of those 10 blog post ideas! I have countless journals, guided and blank, because I love both journals that spark creative ideas and pretty journals. Every time I go to Target or Barns and Noble or any of the other fine journal-eries, I always go into the notebook section to see what speaks to me.

For the 9th day of Christmas, I say we feed the journal addiction with 9 more guided journals to fuel my creativity and take up space in my room!

8 More-a Hours

With all of this creativity flowing, it’s time to spend all day writing! As of right now, between working my full-time job, freelance jobs, prepping for Christmas, and attempting to relax a bit on the weekends, I unfortunately haven’t had much time to write. For the 8th day of Christmas, I’d like a day just devoted to writing. A one-day writers retreat, if you will. Preferably on a day where the ideas just won’t stop flowing…

7 Disney Singalongs

Back when lockdowns began, to lift spirits, Disney did two singalongs where celebrities performed beloved Disney songs. And it was glorious. It was awesome to see my favorite Disney songs reimagined by pop stars and broadway singers. I’ve watched them several times on Disney+ as some nice comfort shows to have on in the background while I work. In fact, I hope to review them on this blog someday.

After Mother’s Day, we didn’t get another Disney singalong and didn’t know if we ever would…until a couple of weeks ago. Disney released a special holiday Disney singalong a couple of weeks ago, and while I haven’t watched it yet, I am glad that they decided to release another one, even so many months later. For the 7th day of Christmas, let’s keep the ball rolling and release a bunch more Disney singalongs! Oh boy!

6 Pairs of Blue Jeans

Recently, I have decided that life is too short to have pairs of jeans that I hate. In my wardrobe, I have several pairs of American Eagle jeans and several pairs of Target jeans, however, I find myself wearing the American Eagle jeans over and over while putting off wearing my Target jeans as long as possible. So why keep them?

Since I made this earth-shattering realization, I’ve decided to get rid of my Target jeans and order more of the American Eagle jeans that I love so much. Easy enough, right? NOT WHEN AMERICAN EAGLE CHANGES THEIR SIZING AND STYLES ON ME. I have ordered and returned no less than 10 pairs of jeans of all different styles from American Eagle. Apparently, those jeans that I love so much no longer exist, and their new styles just don’t fit me right.

So if I could have some Christmas magic help me to find some new jeans that fit me correctly and that are comfortable for the 6th day of Christmas, that would be an amazing Christmas miracle.


I’ve always wanted to live somewhere with a cute local coffee shop nearby, and it’s taken me forever to realize that I already do! Endgrain is a local coffee shop that I visit practically daily and talk about almost constantly. Whether I’m getting my usual hot oat latte or treating myself to their special latte of the month, I always enjoy the deliciousness of their coffee. Not to mention, when I go there for my morning caffeine, I’m supporting a local business! I’ve always adored small coffee shops, and I’m thrilled to have one so close. I’m looking forward to hanging out there again when everything is safe.

This year for Christmas, my plan is to ask everyone for Endgrain gift cards to support my Endgrain addiction! For the 5th day of Christmas, I’m asking for something way more important and way more valuable than 5 gold rings. Caffeine.

4 Weekly Yoga Classes

In case you weren’t already aware, I really enjoy yoga. As someone who doesn’t enjoy most types of exercise and really needs to just freaking chill, yoga has become a great way to practice mindfulness and move in a way I enjoy. Back before COVID was a thing, I was attending 3-5 yoga classes a week. Now that my local yoga studio only has live classes in the park or in the studio sparsely, most weeks I will only have one yoga class to go to, if any at all.

For the 4th day of Christmas, I would love to have 4 weekly yoga classes to get me moving again. Plus, doing yoga has always sparked my creativity and helped me to come up with blog topics, and obviously I could always use more of those!

3 Bed/2 Bathroom

This year, Dan and I started looking into buying our first house, but right now, the real estate market is really rough. Houses are going for exorbitant amounts and available places are being sold essentially overnight. For someone with extreme anxiety surrounding moving out and very little time to go look at available houses, this situation is really not ideal for me.

For the 3rd day of Christmas, I want the perfect 3 bed/2 bath to fall into my lap. That’s not asking too much, right?

2 Vacations

This year, I had to endure something truly awful: a cancelled Disney trip. In August, I had planned to go to Disney with my friend Rachel and her family, but they decided to move it to next year. Of course, I’d prefer to wait to go until I don’t have to wear a mask in the park, but I still have the empty feeling that can only come from knowing that you should be in Disney but you’re not.

I also would’ve loved to go on a surprise vacation this year, like I’ve done for the past couple of years, but I chose instead to stay safe and comfy at home. For the 2nd day of Christmas, I would love to get at least those two vacations. Anything else would be a nice bonus, though!

1 New Spiritfarer Game

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post about things that have changed since COVID started, I’ve been playing more video games now than I ever have before! Thanks to several Twitter threads I’ve found with people talking about video games that are not intense, I learned about Spiritfarer. Now, I don’t want to give away too much, just in case I want to write an entire post about it someday, but it is honestly my favorite game ever, and I legitimately don’t see that changing. With beautiful graphics, deep themes, and not too much required skill, this game was perfect for me.

To top off my 12 days of Christmas, I would love a sequel or another game like this to come out so that I can continue to experience the awesomeness of Spiritfarer again without having to replay the same game over and over. But seriously, if this sounds even remotely like something you might enjoy, go get it now. It’s amazing. You can thank me later!

That’s it for my 12 days of Christmas. I hope that your holidays are magical and that no one thinks it’s a good idea to give you 30 birds!

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

8 thoughts on “My 12 Days of Christmas

  1. My husband and I have done at least one (but mostly 2) escape rooms every weekend since the beginning of November; we can’t get enough. But like you we’re running out of options in our area. We’ve started traveling over an hour from home just to get our fix. What have been some of your favorite themes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! They’re amazing! For me, the theme is far less important than how immersive the room is, that it’s not linear, etc. We’ve gone to some really great rooms that were mobster rooms and wizard school rooms tho!


      1. We’ve never done an Alice in wonderland one! Also, what I’m gathering from this conversation is that when we meet up (I’m not saying “if we meet up” because I’m convinced it needs to happen), the 4 of us need to do an escape room!!! 😄


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