notebook that says "write ideas" on the cover and pencil on a wooden table

Renata’s Guide to Writing Blog Posts

As everyone knows, this is the best advice and how-to-guide blog around. I always have awesome guides from how to be the most charming attendee at a holiday party to how to make friends when you’re an old, withered twenty-something. I never like to let my readers down, so, after 3 and a half long years, I am ready to spill the beans. I’m ready … Continue reading Renata’s Guide to Writing Blog Posts

Writing: My One Constant

I have always been a writer. From writing poems and random stories as a child to writing this blog, writing has always been something that I’ve turned to when I feel like creating something. As a wordsmith, creating pieces of writing gives me a sense of purpose. There’s really nothing like putting pen to paper (or, more typically today, putting finger tips to keyboard) and … Continue reading Writing: My One Constant


Bridled Passion

I am a very passionate person. And by passionate, I don’t mean someone that falls in love desperately and quickly with no regard for my own self or wellbeing. On second thought, I actually do that, but that’s not exactly what I meant. When I say “passionate,” I mean that I throw myself into things. When I find something that I want to do, I … Continue reading Bridled Passion