becoming type b

Becoming Type B

As is well documented on this blog (as well as on my credit card statements…), I have fairly recently become a regular yoga practitioner. As someone who is inflexible, yoga is beneficial for me because it helps me to stretch out my muscles and slowly gain some flexibility. As an exercise, yoga is great because after a long day of basically doing nothing but sitting … Continue reading Becoming Type B

Today’s Rant: Why I Hate Going to the Movies

Don’t get me wrong, leaving the house should generally be avoided at all costs. There is one activity, however, that so many people seem to love…but they are so so wrong. Going to the movies. WE HAVE TELEVISION, PEOPLE! WE HAVE NETFLIX! WE HAVE TELEVISIONS THAT WE CAN PUT THE NETFLIX ON! WHY ARE WE STILL GOING TO THE MOVIES?! Why am I passionate about … Continue reading Today’s Rant: Why I Hate Going to the Movies