pug dog on a bed with white sheets cuddled up in a brown blanket

My Relationship with My Bedroom

Sorry in advance if you’re thinking this post is going to be scandalous and dirty — you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Well, okay, it might be a bit dirty, but less in a sexy bedroom way and more in a wow-I-didn’t-realize-that-your-carpet-was-that-color kind of way. My fiancé Dan and I live with my parents in the same house they’ve lived in my entire life, so … Continue reading My Relationship with My Bedroom

Writing: My One Constant

I have always been a writer. From writing poems and random stories as a child to writing this blog, writing has always been something that I’ve turned to when I feel like creating something. As a wordsmith, creating pieces of writing gives me a sense of purpose. There’s really nothing like putting pen to paper (or, more typically today, putting finger tips to keyboard) and … Continue reading Writing: My One Constant

santa hat and tree in the snow

My Feelings on Santa Claus

Do you remember being back in middle school and there was one kid that still believed in Santa even though they were way too old to still believe in Santa? Yeah, that was me. At the ripe, old age of 10, I still believed that Santa Claus existed and would not hear anything to the contrary. Sure, everyone around me became non-believers one-by-one, but they … Continue reading My Feelings on Santa Claus