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Renata’s Guide to Acid Reflux

Just in case you’re new around here and haven’t heard all of my woes about having an Aging Human Body™… I’ve got the ‘flux. Acid reflux, that is. For the record, I come by it honestly. My mom and grandmother both take prescription medication for their acid reflux and have for a long time. Fortunately (I guess), I didn’t develop acid reflux until I was … Continue reading Renata’s Guide to Acid Reflux

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29 Things I Learned in my 29th Year of Life

Every birthday, people love to ask me if I feel any different. As if the day of each birthday I grow another gray hair or develop a new wrinkle. In reality, the day of my birthday often feels just like the day before. Aging is more marked by big life events, new revelations, and dietary intolerances that my body seems HELLBENT ON DEVELOPING. Tomorrow, I … Continue reading 29 Things I Learned in my 29th Year of Life

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The Aging Human Body

It’s no secret that it’s basically impossible to be fully prepared for adulthood. We’re fumbling through it like our parents did and their parents before them. Sure, we knew that we would have to “be financially independent” and “clean up after ourselves…” But I was really unprepared for what growing up would do to…my body. Seriously, since college, my body has undergone a full night-and-day … Continue reading The Aging Human Body