As established in last week’s post, it turns out, I’m excessively bad with change. I didn’t adjust to college very well, I had an identity crisis when my relationship went from polyamorous to monogamous, I struggle with my confidence every time I change roles at work, and, I had two huge life changes last week: our office moved, and I broke up with my therapist. … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

seahorse approach to networking

The “Seahorse” Approach to Networking

Does hearing the term “networking” make your skin crawl? Does it make you imagine uncomfortable conversations with stuffy people in suits who supposedly “can help you advance your career?” Probably because that’s all that you’ve seen of networking…or rather, that’s the only thing that you’ve seen that has formally been dubbed as “networking.” I know the feeling. My first networking event ever was at my … Continue reading The “Seahorse” Approach to Networking

working in an office

Things I’ve Learned While Working in an Office

These past 3 years that I have spent in the workforce have taught me a lot. Have they taught me about ambition and about taking pride in my work? Sure, whatever. More importantly, they have taught me the unique and fascinating habits of office culture. Here are some of those habits that I have come to know and love.   1. The day of the … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned While Working in an Office