comfort in movement

Comfort in Movement

This may sound strange, but I’ve always found comfort in motion. I start swaying my friends back and forth during long hugs, I will always choose the stairs over an elevator or escalator, I’d rather add time to my trip if it means I can circumvent stand-still traffic and can keep driving, I never feel more myself than when I’m dancing, and I don’t think … Continue reading Comfort in Movement

side hustle

The Beauty That Is: The Side Hustle

In college, I was the classic definition of overworked and underpaid. And I loved every second of it. From my sophomore year on, I never held less than three jobs at a time. I was double majoring (as well as minoring) in different subjects with no overlapping courses, I joined a sorority, I was a fitness instructor, I did all the things. I do not … Continue reading The Beauty That Is: The Side Hustle