person holding phone in front of store with black friday sale signs in the windows

Black Friday in the Age of the Internet

I really do love all holidays, but there’s something about the holidays that come at the end of the year that just makes them feel more special. I’ve always loved Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Halloween is my dad’s birthday, so we always have a fun party. Christmas is the best for a plethora of reasons. Thanksgiving is all about family and food, and it leads … Continue reading Black Friday in the Age of the Internet

i want it now

I Want It NOW!

I’ve recently become aware that I have missed a crucial part of my mental development from child to adult. As children, we need to learn to have impulse control and the benefits of delayed gratification. As an adult Renata, apparently, this development was not part of my evolution. I also never grew above 5 feet, so maybe they’re related… My therapist used to talk about … Continue reading I Want It NOW!