birthday girl

Joyeux Anniversaire

A couple of week’s ago, my blogging buddy Bill celebrated his birthday, and as a fun treat, he decided to challenge some bloggers to write about their favorite birthday memories. While we’re all stuck in lockdown, it’s nice to remember times when we could gather together and celebrate. Hopefully, we can get back to celebrating together soon! You can read Bill’s birthday memories post here. … Continue reading Joyeux Anniversaire

mixing friend groups at summer parties

Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties

Ah, summer. The time for warm days by the pool, crop tops, and large parties where everyone is forced to mix and mingle no matter how well they get along. Extroverts without anxiety disorders are often confused about my anxiety regarding mixing groups. They figure they can just go up and talk to anyone! They don’t need to be prepared for awkwardness! They just chat … Continue reading Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties

fancy holiday parties

Renata’s Guide to Fancy Holiday Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For most people, that means spending lots of time with other humans, even if you don’t want to. If you’re like me and would usually be hiding from the world on your couch, but somehow find yourself agreeing to go to a holiday party, have no fear! Here is my Guide to fancy holiday parties. So you’ve … Continue reading Renata’s Guide to Fancy Holiday Parties