masked mona lisa

The Little Things That Have Changed Since Lockdown

We all knew that our lives were going to change (possibly for the long term) when lockdown started. Between wearing masks to the grocery store, working from home, and staying 6 feet apart from everyone outside of our houses, there was no way life was going to go on as normal. I have found a few unexpected changes, however. Some of them totally threw me, … Continue reading The Little Things That Have Changed Since Lockdown

seahorse approach to networking

The “Seahorse” Approach to Networking

Does hearing the term “networking” make your skin crawl? Does it make you imagine uncomfortable conversations with stuffy people in suits who supposedly “can help you advance your career?” Probably because that’s all that you’ve seen of networking…or rather, that’s the only thing that you’ve seen that has formally been dubbed as “networking.” I know the feeling. My first networking event ever was at my … Continue reading The “Seahorse” Approach to Networking