person writing goals with checkboxes in notebook

Setting and Achieving Goals Mindfully

While out shopping this past weekend, I saw a mindfulness planner. As someone who finds it physically impossible to not look at planners and journals when I find them, I naturally picked it up. Ooooh, mindfulness. Now they’re speaking my language. But something jumped out at me as soon as I read the back cover. One of the features that the planner boasted was “goal … Continue reading Setting and Achieving Goals Mindfully

celebrating small victories

Celebrating Small Victories

Happy New Year, everyone! As someone who is a firm believer in both the power of positive thinking and also in accepting yourself as you are, I am in a constant flux between “New Year, New Me!” and “I’m perfect just the way I am.” This year, I am splitting the difference and striving to celebrate the minor victories that I accomplish. After a lifetime … Continue reading Celebrating Small Victories

learning not to be goal obsessed

Learning to Not Be Goal-Obsessed

We’re constantly bombarded by the message that we need to have goals. We need to strive for success or we’re stagnating. Nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone. Those who have big dreams are those who change the world, after all, and don’t you want to change the world? Especially in a world where everyone has social media and we all have a … Continue reading Learning to Not Be Goal-Obsessed