white sign that reads "birthday" in black letters surrounded by colorful confetti on a white background

Wednesday’s Child

I am full of woe. Have you ever heard that nursery rhyme about what day of the week you were born? There are probably a few different versions, but here’s a common one: Monday’s child is fair of faceTuesday’s child is full of graceWednesday’s child is full of woeThursday’s child has far to go,Friday’s child is loving and giving,Saturday’s child works hard for a living,And … Continue reading Wednesday’s Child

holiday decorations

Holiday Traditions

This year has been tough on all of us, and as Thanksgiving week came and went, it’s clear that the holiday season will be tough as well. After last week’s virtual Thanksgiving feast, and my real-life socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I would kick off my 2020 holiday posts by writing about all of the holiday family traditions we normally have, even if they may … Continue reading Holiday Traditions

escaping an escape room

Tips for Surviving (and maybe even escaping!) an Escape Room

My parents, my partner, and I went to an escape room over the weekend and I cannot recommend this group activity enough. It was me and my partner’s first time escaping a room, and we all had a BLAST! (That joke would’ve actually been funny if you were there, because we had to blow open a door with a detonator heh heh…victorious picture of us … Continue reading Tips for Surviving (and maybe even escaping!) an Escape Room