woman sitting on couch with computer in lap typing with coffee next to her

The 5 Stages of Job Hunting

For better or for worse, I have recently found myself back in the job hunting world. While I did recently go through the job hunt and get hired, this is the first time I’m going through the job hunt full-time since I graduated from college approximately 4,394,483 years ago (read as: 6 years ago, I just feel super old). Now, with nothing but the job … Continue reading The 5 Stages of Job Hunting

pile of colorful puzzle pieces

Getting into some Puzzle Troubling

Recently, I’ve discovered this really awesome thing…I’m not sure if any of you have heard about it…they’re called PUZZLES, and they’re mega cool. It all started when I backed a Kickstarter (that I found thanks to a Facebook ad…and you all know that Facebook ads are Renata kryptonite) for some cool-sounding puzzles by a company called Odd Pieces back in June. In the description, it … Continue reading Getting into some Puzzle Troubling

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How I Know That I’m an Auditory Person

Have you ever heard the terms “auditory learner” or “visual learner” in school? While we often hear the terms “auditory,” “visual,” and “tactile” applied to learning styles, they apply to much more than just that. I, personally, am an auditory person, meaning that I respond best to and identify most with sounds. Not sure exactly which type you tend towards? Never fear, because I’m about … Continue reading How I Know That I’m an Auditory Person

Disney Chaos Renata vs. the Slinky Dog Dash of Doom

I spent the last week of August in Disney thanks to one of my best friends from high school and her family. This trip was actually planned for last year, but with COVID, it was postponed until this year. While Disney has actually always been one of the happiest places on earth™ for me, this time around, there was no denying that I was in … Continue reading Disney Chaos Renata vs. the Slinky Dog Dash of Doom

board with the words "think" "the" and "box" with the word "outside" outside the box all on a yellow background

There Is No Box

“Learn how to think outside the box.” “This job requires someone who can think outside the box.” “Take this course on how to think outside the box.” Everywhere, “thinking outside the box” is seen as a valuable skill. As a student, as an employee, and even just as a human, outside-the-box thinking is lauded.  But here’s the thing: we’re surrounded by boxes. Friends, family members, … Continue reading There Is No Box