i want it now

I Want It NOW!

I’ve recently become aware that I have missed a crucial part of my mental development from child to adult. As children, we need to learn to have impulse control and the benefits of delayed gratification. As an adult Renata, apparently, this development was not part of my evolution. I also never grew above 5 feet, so maybe they’re related… My therapist used to talk about … Continue reading I Want It NOW!

floor it


My history with driving has been bumpier than a road filled with potholes. In my post about being a perpetual passenger, I mentioned that I didn’t really start driving until I was in my 20’s. This is mainly because, as a teenager, driving gave me crippling anxiety. As someone who likes to have control over situations, namely situations where I have the potential to, you … Continue reading FLOOR IT?!



As established in last week’s post, it turns out, I’m excessively bad with change. I didn’t adjust to college very well, I had an identity crisis when my relationship went from polyamorous to monogamous, I struggle with my confidence every time I change roles at work, and, I had two huge life changes last week: our office moved, and I broke up with my therapist. … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


How “Tangled” Got Me Through My College Career

All of the people that are graduating this month are making me nostalgic for my college days, so I wanted to write this week about my college career. And there was just no way to do that without talking about the movie “Tangled.” Congratulations to the class of 2019! It’s no secret that I’m a Disney-phile. I love the parks, the costumes, the movies, all … Continue reading How “Tangled” Got Me Through My College Career