Deep Dive: Pokémon Edition

This week Josh and I are going to deep dive into a topic we’ve covered on our podcast, Overrated/Underrated. Our podcast is lovingly called “the show where two exes bicker pointlessly about nothing for a half hour” because, well, that’s what it is. Josh and I have individually documented what it’s like to work on this pod together on my blog, and while we’ve had … Continue reading Deep Dive: Pokémon Edition

dislike vs dread

Part 2: Dislike vs Dread

Last week, I talked about learning how to say “no” to things and how to discern what I should actually be saying “no” to. As I mentioned in that post, saying “no” is all about self-awareness and understanding your needs, your likes, your limits, and how you want to be treated. In order to really understand myself in this way, I’ve had to learn the … Continue reading Part 2: Dislike vs Dread

extremely goofy movie

Deep Dive: An Extremely Goofy Movie

As Renata mentioned in her post, we’re expanding on the recent 90s Animated Movies episode of our podcast, Overrated/Underrated. My initial plan had been to expand upon A Goofy Movie, my personal selection for that episode. In hindsight, though, it seems that I managed to convey most of my thoughts on this wonderful film (so wonderful that it was actually given a theatrical release, unlike … Continue reading Deep Dive: An Extremely Goofy Movie