Oh hey, look! It’s another woman in her 20’s writing about…being a woman in her 20’s…

#sorrynotsorry #YOLO

I know what you’re thinking…

Passive Agressive

That’s right, another blog written by a millennial who only watches shows that are on Netflix or Hulu, would rather self-care hard than work hard OR play hard, and only uses “YOLO” ironically (usually when justifying eating an entire Chipotle burrito or buffalo chicken pizza, you know, the important things in life).

Honestly, I’m just here to combine two of my favorite things: writing and hearing myself talk (type?). If you want some possibly relatable stories from another millennial or maybe even some inspiration (I hope!) wrapped up in random tv references, you may have come to the right place. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the secret to becoming a millionaire before you turn 30 or new and inventive ways to eat avocados, I can tell you that you’re going to be disappointed (although if you do find that you can use my words here to find those, let me know because that sounds pretty cool).

The following is just a collection of the musings of someone who enjoys writing and wants to put her words out into the universe. So, if you want to read the thoughts of someone who is cheesy enough to use the phrase “put her words out into the universe,” welcome to my blog! The one thing I want anyone reading this to remember is: these are MY ideas and opinions, not universal truths (except for curly fries being the best type of fry — that’s a fact. DISSENTERS WILL BE BANNED. Just kidding. Partly.). If there’s one rule on this blog, it’s:

You do you.

Seriously. Do what makes you happy. Or figure out what makes you happy and then go do it. Or fumble around blindly until you find happiness then thrive in it. Or let happiness go die in a fire and exist in some other emotion. As stated above: you do you!

WARNING: There will be a lot of:

  • Disney
  • Weirdness
  • Thoughts on Depression and Anxiety (and maybe Eating Disorders — I’ll give TW’s)
  • Quirky Nonsense
  • Feminist Ramblings
  • Spiritual Musings
  • Redundant Use of Pretentious Words (apparently)
  • Incredibly Ridiculously Superfluous Verbosity (obviously)

…ahead. Continue reading at your own risk.